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Members of CFUW North Bay at the December 13 Christmas Social

Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW)

CFUW North Bay is a member of the Canadian Federation of University Women.  CFUW is a non-partisan, voluntary, self-funded organization with 94 clubs, located in every province across Canada. Since its founding in 1919, CFUW has been working to improve the status of women, and to promote human rights, public education, social justice, and peace.

In February 2024 CFUW released a Power Point presentation by CFUW National VP of Membership meant as an overview of CFUW for new members, but of benefit to all members.  You can access the slides by pressing/clicking on this link:            

An Introduction to CFUW.

In January 2024 CFUW national office sent out a press release announcing a new brand and website. 

CFUW North Bay

CFUW North Bay holds monthly meetings, usually on the third Wednesday of the month, where we listen to inspiring guest speakers, socialize, and have fun. You can find out what is on our program for 2023-24 by clicking on the Information for Members tab. Socializing also happens in our interest groups. Click on the Interest Groups tab to find information about our book club, bridge group, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner groups. If you scroll down to the slideshow for 2022-23, you will see photos of activities showing both the serious side of our club and the fun we have throughout the year.

By clicking on the Scholarships tab at the top of the page, you can find information about how our club has accomplished one of its main purposes: raising money for scholarships for women to pursue higher education. By clicking on the Community Service tab, you will read how we service the community in other ways. 

If you click on the Information for Members tab, you will find our registration form and current membership fee. Membership in our club is open to any woman who aspires to the goals of CFUW. You will also find our current program there listing guest speakers and their topics.

As well as this website, we also have a Facebook page featuring many of our activities and photos and managed for us by Kristen Ferguson, one of our program chairs: www.facebook.com/CFUWNorthBay.


Founded in 1941, our club celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2021. As you explore this website you will find details and photos describing our celebrations of this and other important anniversaries. 

If you are not a member of CFUW North Bay and would like to receive more information about our club, send us an email: cfuwnorthbay@gmail.com.

 Bulletin Board for CFUW Members

Please check out our bulletin board for club news by using the orange links below the title.  Also of course please share your news.  This could include the work your committee is doing, plans for fundraisers, information about CFUW National and/or Ontario Council meetings, announcements about webinars advertised in Club Action Newsletters, or anything else that used to be in our newsletters or that you think our members should know. If you have news to share, email Caroline Haist (carlilh43@gmail.com).

CFUW North Bay’s AGM May 15

At last CFUW North Bay is returning to an in-person meeting for our annual general meeting and it will again be held at the St. Joseph’s Motherhouse at 2025 Main Street West. The meeting starts at 7 p.m., but you are encouraged to come at 6:30, whether in person or on Zoom, to socialize.

Although members have come forward to fill some executive positions for 2024-25, nominations will be accepted from the floor.  Please consider volunteering to join the executive. You will also be asked to approve the report of the nominating committee, the annual reports, and the budget for 2024-25. You will receive the annual reports before the meeting as well as the treasurer’s report and the proposed budget.

This Year’s Winner of the Dr. Diana Walton Scholarship, Aurora Buckley with Past President Nat Brunette at the March Nipissing University Donors Social

CFUW North Bay Resolutions 

Meeting March 20

Click on the Resolutions 24 link below to read Janet Poudrier’s report on the March resolutions meeting 

Message from Nomination Committee Chair Nat Brunette

The 2024 nomination committee is in need of one more representative in order to complete our duties prior to the May AGM. Your responsibility (along with the other two committee members) will be to phone this year’s executive and confirm whether or not they are willing to remain in their current positions for the 2024-2025 year.

If you would be able to make a few phone calls, please contact Nat Brunette at either 705-497-0096 or NatBrunette62@gmail.com. Your help will be greatly appreciated as the committee must have three members as per our constitution.

Report on March 5 Gift of Reading by Nat Brunette

After a four-year absence, CFUW North Bay was finally able to resume our popular Gift of Reading program. On Tuesday, March 5, Kristen Ferguson, Bonnie Roynon and Nat Brunette visited the kindergarten class at St. Alexander’s elementary school on Bloem St. in North Bay. We spent almost an hour reading a story to the students, distributing books and then reading a variety of the books to individual students. Fortunately, we had a great supply of books both from previous years as well as from donations through Kristen’s work.

As you can see from the photo, the students were very excited to receive their own brand-new books to take home.

If members are shopping and discover new and appropriate books for kindergarten students, the Gift of Reading program is always looking to restock their book supply for next year.

Here are some thank-you cards made by the children:

Slideshow of Events of 2023-24

September Display at North Bay Public Library: Catherine Whiting and Kaarina Tulisalo

September 22 General Meeting: Speaker Sergeant Vince Corrente on Protecting Yourself Against Fraud

October 18: Tour of The Village at Canadore College

Kristen Ferguson Introduces Tour Leader Micheline Demers

October 22 Group Photo

October 24: Book Club on Zoom

November 7: Lunch Bunch at The Block

General Meeting November 15: Speaker Haley Massicotte on Her Business Oak & Willow

Kristen Ferguson Thanking Haley

November 22: Making Seasonal Urns at Burrows

December 4: Charitable Trust Dinner at Average Joe’s

Speaker Lindsay Keats: Women in Engineering

December 12 Book Club Lunch at The Block

Brenda Robertson with Photos of Tanzanian Montessori School

President Bonnie Roynon with Donation Box for Transition House

January 12: Heritage Gardeners Meet for Coffee

January 17 Speaker Doug Brisbois on Zoom on The Film Industry in Northern Ontario

February 20 Meeting Speaker Dr Mary Pat Sullivan

Dr.Sullivan’s Website for Providing Support for Rare Dementia

URL: https://raredementiasupport.ca

February 24: CFUW North Bay Raises over $900 for The Gathering Place

Organizer Kaarina Tulisalo (left) with Natalie Legresley 

Gift of Reading March  March 5 at St. Alexander’s Kindergarten Class

Children’s Thank-You Cards

Dr. Diana WaltonScholarship Winner Aurora Buckley with Nat Brunette at Nipissing University Donor Social in March

April 17 Lunch and Learn Speaker Sarah McGowan
Topic: Clean, Green, Beautiful North Bay

Slideshow of 2022-23 Events

September: North Bay Public Library Display

September Display at North Bay Public Library

Catherine Whiting and Kaarina Tulisalo

Catherine Whiting and Kaarina Tulisalo

Venue for September 20 Media 

Launch for Dr. Diana Walton 


dr. Diana Walton Media Launch

Bonnie Roynon, Nipissing President Dr .Walmsy, Mr. Bill Walton, and Nipissing Representatives

CFUW North Bay Members 

Bill Walton with Co-president Nat Brunette

Mr. Bill Walton

Co-President Bonnie Roynon

Co-president Bonnie Roynon , Recipient of a CFUW North Bay Scholarship and Nipissing Alumna


September 21 Meeting: Donna Spencer Registers with Sue Fisher, Membership Chair and Treasurer 

Members at Motherhouse for September Meeting 

Marg Mullen Joins on Zoom 

Guest Speaker Elysha Carriere from My Village Doula Collective

Nat Brunette Thanks Members of My Village Doula Collective 

Co-president Nat Brunette with Special Project Award Certificate for Museum Display

September 30: Sunrise Breakfast 

October 4: Lunch Bunch at Average Joe’s 

October 14: Wake-up Call 

October 19: Kristen Ferguson Introduces 

Guest Speaker Dr. Natalya Brown 


November 16 General Meeting: Zoom Participants

Guest Speaker Dr. Natalya Brown 

Janet Poudrier Thanking Dr. Natalya Brown 

October 25: 

Book Club

November 16: Susan Fisher, Guest Speaker 

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Hybrid Meeting: Members in Motherhouse 

Members on Zoom

November 24: Making Seasonal Urns at Burrows 

Kaarina Tulisalo with Her Urn 

December 6: Charitable Trust Walk at City Hall

December 14: Fun Night on Zoom 

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January 11: Walk with Members to Introduce New Member to Club

January 24: 

Book Club

January 27: Sunrise Breakfast

February 7: Lunch Bunch

February 15: Dr. Kurt Claussen, Guest Speaker

February 23: Dinner Group at Crown and Beaver

March 7: Lunch Bunch Celebrates Mary Catherine O’Hagan’s 80th Birthday at Average Joe’s

March 9: Fundraiswer for CFUW North Bay

Kaarina Tulisalo at March 9 Fundraiser for CFUW North Bay at NUSU

Nat Brunette and Catherine Whiting

Members at Silent Auction Table

New Member Marilyn Savage

March 31: Sunrise Breakfast

March 23: Donor Social at Nipissing University Student Union with Dr. Diana Walton Scholarship Winner Kennedy Bond (middle) and Co-presidents Nat Brunette and Bonnie Roynon

Some of the CFUW North Bay Members Who Participated in Fundraising for the Coldest Night of the Year

April 19: Lunch and Learn Panel with Johanne Brousseau, Erika Lougheed, and Tanya Vrebosch

May 2 Lunch Bunch: 19 for Lunch at Average Joe’s 


May 17 AGM

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Getting in the Mood for a July Picnic with Teddy Bears

Diane Wallace and Terry Blair 

Promote Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Heritage Gardeners on June 14

June 21: Year-end Party at the Home Cher Harvey


Time for Games

Fun fff

Diane Wallace Provides Details of the July Fundraiser

Dessert: Flower Cupcakes from North Bay’s BK Bakery

July 26: Downtown Walk and Teddy Bears Picnic Fundraiser for Scholarships

Amber Livingston, North Bay’s DIA Executive Director (far left) Speaking About Downtown Businesses 

Treasurer Susan Fisher with Cher Harvey’s Help Collecting Donations

Buffet Picnic Lunch

Our Hostesses and Cooks: Diane Wallace, Heather Chambers, Heli Vail, and Terry Blair