Bulletin Board 2024

CFUW-FCFDU AGM July 22 to 24, 2024

(Received from Brenda Robertson January 22)

For the first time since the pandemic the CFUW-FCFDU AGM will be an in-person event held in Edmonton July 22 to 24. For more information go to the January 19 Club Action Newsletter or for details copied directly from the newsletter, go to CFUW-FCUW AGM.   


Ontario Council AGM May 24 and 25, 2024

Message from Bonnie Roynon, President

(Posted February 5)

Ontario Council’s AGM, May 24 and 25, is in person this year and hosted by CFUW Windsor.  The AGM is open to all CFUW members, who are encouraged to attend. 

If you wish to receive information about this conference, Ontario Council Speakers Series, and news about other Ontario clubs, go to cfuwontcouncil.org, and click on the OC News tab at the top of the page.  There you can access past issues of OC News and sign up to receive your own copy every month. If you are interested in OC Speaker Series, click on cfuwontcouncil.org/standing-committees/.

CFUW’s Club Action Newsletters

Message from Bonnie Roynon, President

(Posted February 10)

CFUW’s Club Action Newsletters are full of information that will be of interest to many of our club’s members. To receive these newsletters, go to CFUW.org and scroll down until you come to “Stay informed with our Newsletter” and click on Sign Up Today. 

Message from 2024 Nomination Committee Chair Nat Brunette, Past President

(Posted February 26)

The 2024 nomination committee is in need of one more representative in order to complete our duties prior to the May AGM. Your responsibility (along with the other two committee members) will be to phone this year’s executive and confirm whether or not they are willing to remain in their current positions for the 2024-2025 year.

If you would be able to make a few phone calls, please contact Nat Brunette at either 705-497-0096 or NatBrunette62@gmail.com. Your help will be greatly appreciated as the committee must have three members as per our constitution.

Coldest Night of the Year

Message from Kaarina Tulisalo 

(Posted March 3)

Kaarina reports that CFUW North Bay Cool Cats 

surpassed their goal of raising $500 for the Gathering Place  fundraiser on February 24.  In fact their total is about $900 with expectations of more donations still to come.  If members want to donate, they have until the end of March.  The easiest way to make a donation is on line at cnoy.org/location/northbay.

In the photo (right) is of Kaarina with Natalie Legresley, one of CFUW North Bay’s walkers. 

Graduate Women International Speakers Event April 22

Message from Kaarina Tulisalo

(Posted April 11)

Kaarina points out that April 22, the date of this event, hosted by CFUW Belleville, is Earth Day.  If you wish to participate and need help registering, let Kaarina know: ekt_86@hotmail.com.